Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Mom's Ministry

Something hit me this morning as I reflected on James 1:22-26.  It may be obvious, but for whatever reason the thought never really dawned on me until today, at least not as powerfully:  

My number one ministry is to my children; the number one method of my ministry is my example.

It is not so much about "doing," but being.  What kind of example am I to my children?  They learn a great deal about the Lord by how I live my life!  What am I teaching them about the goodness of God by how I handle disappointments or frustrations?  What do they learn about God's character by observing my perspective on life?  Do they see the joy of the Lord in my attitude and actions?  What kind of a God to they think I serve, based on the life that I live before them?...  

These are some sobering thoughts!  I praise God for the riches of His grace and the mercy He gives in Jesus Christ.  How desperately I need His help as I minister to my children not only in the activities I participate in with them, but in the example I set before them.  Partner with me in prayer about this.


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