Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This Season of Life

Seasons of life...there are certainly more than four! Sometimes it seems there are four hundred seasons in life. In this season of my life, I have three adorable children ages 4 and under, who FILL my days with singing and dancing, doling out peanut butter kisses (and fingerprints!), giggles and gurgles (dirty diapers, too) and lots of memories. This explains why I started this blog with gusto and it has dwindled to striving for 1-2 postings a week. But that’s okay -- I realize that this may not be my “season” to write. Yet there are things that God is doing in my life; just because this is a busy season at home does not mean God isn’t using me or working in my life -- He is! For one thing, He is tugging at my heart to be happy at home: to be a better example (for my children) of a wife who loves the Lord and respects her husband, to train and teach my children, take care of the many responsibilities at home (cheerfully), and PLAY with my kids! 
Some of my friends are in a different place in life -- unmarried...married without children...married with older children...etc. God has given them burdens or opportunities different from my own. It is unwise for me to assume that I ought to be  serving in the same ways they are, or involved in the same things they do. It is also unwise for me to become too concerned with how the Lord is using them and compare it to my own life. (Does that strike a cord?) Jesus addressed an issue along these lines with Peter, one of His disciples. 
When Jesus spoke to Peter about the way he (Peter) would die, Peter’s first response was an effort to compare: he wanted to know what would happen to John, another disciple. He wasn’t satisfied with focusing on God’s plan for himself. Jesus answered Peter by saying, “If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow me!” (John 21:22). In other words, it is none of your business what I have planned for John. You follow me. I think He is still saying the same thing to many of us. 
What is God tugging at your heart to do right now, in your “season”? (Perhaps it is to start asking Him what to do!) Is it time you begin to give more? to leave it all behind to reach the lost? to pour yourself out for others in some way? to pray more? to invest in your children’s lives? to write a book? What is it? 
Rather than being caught up in comparisons, let’s focus on what God is teaching us individually, and what He is doing in our own lives. What a waste of time and energy it is to make comparisons or battle discontentment. It is exhausting! What life and joy there is when we blossom where He has planted us in this season, for this time.
Blessings as you blossom,

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