Saturday, October 29, 2011

Look At It This Way

The stench was almost unbearable. In fact, it led me to notice some of the other things surrounding me that seemed intolerable as well. Soon my mind was reeling with thoughts of the irritations, inconveniences, and petty nuisances I faced daily, not to mention the quirky practices of those around me. What a peculiar place I was in! Thankfully, the day was nearing an end and it was time to sleep -- which I had little trouble doing those days.
What relief I felt the next morning when I awoke to find myself in a completely different place. I immediately noticed the sun -- it was shining! What a happy, welcoming blessing we have in the sun. I felt the crisp, cool air, which lingered all day and provided ample opportunity to get outdoors with the kids. I thought of the blessings, opportunities, adventures, and new people we had yet to encounter. Gratitude sprang up inside of me for what God had provided and would do in that place.
Here is the strangest part about all of this: I was in the same place the whole time -- the same location, that is...but a completely different “place” in my mind. What a difference our perspectives make on life!
I once had a professor who said (almost daily!), “There’s power in our perspectives.” Now I know why he said that so much. He wanted it to stick with us (and it has for some 15 years!) because it is true.
A friend of mine recently said that she has heard, “Your perspectives become your reality.” The illustration above reveals the truth of that statement as well. 
Oh, how we need to seek to have God’s perspective on our life and circumstances. What is your reality right now, my friend? Does it look bleak, like my first outlook did (and I still battle it at times!)? Maybe we all need to check our glasses and make sure we are looking at life clearly, accurately, through the lens of God’s Word. Those glasses sure do get cloudy when we don’t keep them clean with His truth! And, as I have learned, they also get muddled when we have a negative spirit. A thankful attitude will go a long way in helping us have God’s perspective on our life and circumstances.
Blessings, my friend --

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