Sunday, January 8, 2012

Words to Live By

I am currently reevaluating my blog. First of all, in my naivety, I had no idea how many other “bloggers” there are out there! Many far more professional looking, more well-written, more widely read than mine. But what is the purpose of this blog, after all? I do not want it to be about me. Even if there is only a handful of you out there reading this blog (“hi, Mom!”), I want it to be something that will turn readers’ eyes upward, toward Christ -- whether there is 1 of you or 100 of you. I hope it is an avenue by which you can be challenged and encouraged to fix your eyes on Jesus Christ; to have a mind that is firmly focused upon the Lord (Hebrews 12:2; Isaiah 26:3). 
In whatever I write or whatever I share, I will try to keep it succinct yet significant.  You need time to read those other blogs, and still keep priorities straight, right?! My goal is to whet your own appetite for a deeper study of the Bible -- or maybe just to get you into the Word at all. His are the Words of life (John 6:63, 68). If you are frazzled, bogged down, discouraged, overwhelmed, or just plain bored, you need those words of life -- abundant life.
What are you living by? Most days I don’t feel like I’d survive very well on three meals a day; I need a couple of snacks (and some chocolate) thrown in there, too! Okay, of course I would survive...but I admit my “flesh” (sinful tendencies) would rear it’s ugly head more quickly. 
What about spiritually? Is it enough to have one “meal” per week and try to survive? Some of us try to do this. We attend church or Bible study once a week, while during the other six days the Bible collects dust. It is neither in our hands nor our hearts during the day. There is no way we can have abundant life in Christ if He is not our life and His Words our very sustenance (see Colossians 3:4 & Matthew 4:4). 
So again, what are you living by -- spiritually speaking? What needs to change? Take a moment and pray for God to give you a burning desire to feed on His Word, make Jesus Christ your life, and experience the abundant joy He offers.
By the way, if you need a place to start with Bible study, check out my previous posts titled “Digging Deeper Into God’s Word,” Parts 1-4 under the Topic of Bible Study.

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